Vedic Bodywork FUTON
16 Hours  



16 Hour  

Educational Webinar 

16 Hour Class $400 now is $108


*Supine, Prone, Side  Lying, and Seated Positions

*Elegant and Comfortable Stretch Release Applications to Open and Stimulate Channels

*Rhythmic and Precise Compression Penetrations to Access Vital Healing Centers

*Vedic Anatomy Marma, Chakra, Kosha, Dosha Balancing

*Choreographed Sequences to Relieve Local and General Stresses and Strains

*Organic Ayurvedic Pscyho-Somatic Theories for Effective and Empowering Perspectives 

and much more…

ARE YOU A Massage Therapist, Dancer, Martial Artist, Yoga Enthusiast, Medical Professional, Trainer, Athlete, Herbalist, Acupuncturist or Anyone wanting to remove human suffering and inspire physical and emotional health?

This Course is for You

Any Questions? Ask Mukti

Webinar Subjects


Intro, Suggested Suggestions, Wai Khryu, Puja Position, Opening Grounding Sequence, Supine Leg applications, Demonstrations and Partnering Exchanges, Commentary Readings, Benefits/Cautions, Personal Empowerment Experience.


Continuation of previous lessons, Theory Commentary, Supine Feet and Legs Con't, Yanakas to Posterior and lateral legs, Open the Wind-Gate, Benefits/Cautions, Demonstrations and Partnering Exchanges, Essay Reading, Anecdotal Sharings.

Continuation of previous lessons, Theory Sharing, Commentary Readings, Benefits/Cautions, Review of previous lessons with Demos and Partnering Exchanges.

Belly Techniques, Torso and Arms Sequence, Hand Applications, Demonstrations and Partnering Exchanges, Benefits/Cautions, Commentary Readings and Anecdotal Sharing.

Commentary Readings, Personal Empowerment Experience, Breath Compressions, Shoulder, Neck and Cranial Applications, Benefits/Cautions.

Commentary Readings with Anecdotal Sharing, Cost and Reward Theory, Master Release and Prone Applications.

Tapasya Theory, Side Lying Transition and Applications, Benefits/Cautions, 'Quality of Life Inventory' Personal Empowerment Experience.

Mistakes Commentary Exchange, Demonstrations and Partnering Exchanges, Seated Methods, Benefits/Cautions, Business Ideas Discussion, and Gratitude Closing Circle.

Yeah, it was an interesting 3 days at end of last week. A true gift for my birthday !

I have met a few Wizards of Touch on my path and they all have their unique gifts but Mukti is in a league of his own.

His expertise in Meditation, Practical Ritual, infusing the Space with Sacredness and Conscious Fire is something that needs to be experienced. As well as the effortlessness and fun with which it is all delivered.

He reminded me and reconnected me with practices, healthy attitudes and teachings I had disconnected from for a decade or two. I am truly grateful to have all this back in my life. It just feels so right to re-connect, to remember, to come home again (the spiritual-energetic home).

I truly appreciate the Vedic aspect and emphasis Mukti is bringing to the Thai Art of Bodywork.

I truly appreciate being in the presence of a Master of his chosen art .... The energetic downloads were numerous and deep. The ripples of these 3 days will power me up for years.

The Vedic Thai Bodywork was something I was looking for without really knowing that I was looking for. It compliments nicely my other healing offerings. And re-inspires me to keep creating, keep re-sculpting bodies back into health, keep exploring and pushing the limits of body-work / body-love / body-play.

So many Blessings received. So many openings and softenings and re-enlivenings in my body and being. So much gratitude in me right now.

Vesco Bondov