Nestled in the Rolling Forest among the Beautiful West Tennessee Hills - GrayBear Retreat

Gray Bear Holistic Retreat Center is a pause along your path, fulfilling the ideal environment for health, relaxation, massage and yoga.

Revealing the empirical healing of nature, experience our richly warm, rustic retreat .

Gray Bear Lodge
P.O. Box 682
Hohenwald, TN



Early registration $1150 before apr 1st 2023

$500 non-refundable deposit

Late registration fee increases to $1250 with balance due May 1st


  • Comforatble Lodging
  • 4 day course
  • Sumptuous Vegetarian Food (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

designated location for WIFI use.

Amidst the most charming, rustic and refreshing spring time Tennessee air, BE EMBRACED !

Are you a modern Healer, Shaman, Aroma Therapist, Physician, Curer, Medicine Person, Doctor, Yoga Teacher, Massage Practitioner, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Musician, Dancer, Martial Artist, Gymnast ?

A once a year event!

Join Mukti and The Vedic Conservatory enthusiasts

This VC/Graybear Retreat provides the most personally caring and holistically attentive experience. 


Exchange bodywork sequences with talented therapists and bond with new friends! 

Learn valuable time tested, tempered and seasoned Ayurvedic Bodywork methods 

Assisted Yoga

"Mukti shares amazing techniques and perspectives with Southeast Asian style Assists including Thai, Shiatsu, Anma, Tuina and Vedic lessons."

Fill your technique jewel box with Marma, Chakra, Nadi, Kosha and Dosha therapeutic applications to refresh and empower our personal and professional lives.

Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork Artists are bringing positive healing transformations to another level.

10-14 MAY 2023

This retreat offers the opportunity to enjoy four full days to immerse yourself in the ancient healing art form known today as Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage.

You will learn:

* elegantly choreographed Vedic Thai Body Work sequences (also known as assisted Yoga)

*rhythmic and precise penetrating compressions

*exotic stretch-releases

*empowering breathing procedures

*acupressure and personalized meditation


Exchanging treatments with caring and dedicated contemporaries. Enjoy sumptuous, nutritious vegetarian food and ample times for daily yoga, quiet walks, soaking in the sauna and sharing intimate conversations with friends.

Rest and recharge in the beautiful and enchanting atmosphere of the Gray Bear Forest 

Mukti and The Vedic Thai Bodywork Art has been a part of the culture at Gray Bear since 2001.

Relax on one of the decks overlooking peaceful woodlands

Schedule a session in the popular Thai Dome

Find yourself at home and at peace

Join us.You deserve the Renewal!

This course teaches Vedic Thai Massage, which includes the compositions of other Southeast Asian Bodywork styles such as Anma, Shiatsu and Tuina.

Learning to apply both brief and extended sequences with local and general focuses, practitioners fill their therapeutic jewel box with exciting and inspiring healing and rejuvenating methods.

Ayurvedic practice and anatomy has emerged as a popular and effective natural health inducing modality.

"I feel fulfilled and indescribably inspired by these valuable lessons!"

"The Art of Vedic Bodywork is a new and refreshing level!"

"I needed a real health insurance for me and my family. Vedic Thai Massage is indispensable."

"Oh...And the food at GrayBear is so sumptuous and healthy!"

"I'm going home with the two hour VedicThai Vinyasa [Sequence]!"


Course Description

You will learn:

  • How to apply the 2-hour sequence of Thai-Yoga Bodywork asanas and techniques, including transitions.
  • How to use breath, meditation, mantra, bandha, and Yogic techniques to enhance the quality of the session.
  • To comprehend the theories of releasing the energy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.
  • CE’s: LMT’s / attendee’s will earn 30 CE’s for this course.
  • NCBTMB / AMTA certified.

Who should attend:

This workshop will clearly and simply present the fundamentals of this highly beneficial and very practical form of therapy. You do not have to be a therapist in order to attend. Couples benefit greatly by practicing giving and receiving this art form.

An ideal retreat on multiple levels for: massage therapists, yoga teachers/students (highly beneficial for partner/assistance hatha yoga-gaining a greater understanding of touch/technique) or for anyone wanting to develop a greater tool for health and stress reduction. A complementary workbook accompanies the weekend. DVD’s & Thai mats will be available as well. Because we are physically getting up and down from the floor while working on our thai mats, if you have any questions/concerns around this, please feel free to contact us.

For LMT’s: Completing this course provides 33 continuing education credits.

Arrival/Departure Schedule

Please plan to arrive Thursday (20th) between 1–4pm. Our first session will begin at 4:00pm followed by dinner at 6:30pm and finishing with orientation/opening circle . Sunday finishes with closing circle, lunch, and checkout is at 2:00pm. (*) Gray Bear is a two hour drive from the Nashville airport, so please plan arrival time/ departure time with this in mind. Or a 3.5 hour drive from Memphis.

What to pack:

Gray Bear is home to 400 acres of rolling hills, thick forest, natural springs, and even a waterfall. You can experience the wonders of nature while sitting in a hand-built wood fire sauna; hear the silence of nature's symphony lying on a hammock while curled under a blanket; and revel in clear air and water while using shower outdoors.

With all of this nature we have some suggestions to consider when packing:

  • Working flashlight gets dark with only the light of the stars to guide you!
  • A bathing suit ... good for the hot tub, sauna, and Watsu massage pool
  • Water bottle ...Gray Bear does not use disposable cups. Purified water is available in the Main House and the Yoga Room
  • A bath robe/sarong
  • House slippers or socks to wear indoors shoes inside please
  • Comfortable walking shoes/sandals for an inspired nature hike
  • Warm clothing ...mornings & evenings can be cool
  • Comfortable clothes for exercising/yoga

Please do not bring any drugs, alcohol, or pets. Gray Bear is a non-smoking, pet-free and alcohol-free facility.