A Experiential Study in:
Ayurvedic-Asian Bodywork including Thai Massage
Three Days Futon/Two Days Table

The Vedic Conservatory's Celebrated Five Day Event

Feb 15-19  2020- Sarasota,FL

Location:  4141 S. TAMIAMI TRL #6 SARASOTA, FL 34231
Email: info@circusoul.com
Phone: 941.922.9642

"This Course Opened My Soul
" Johana Rojas

Are you a dedicated Massage Therapist?
Are you committed to helping others towards better health?
Are you a devoted servant of life and positive spirit?
Are you energetic and health oriented?
Is dance, yoga, martial arts and fresh personal transformation a joy of your life?
Does Eastern life styles, mysterious healing methodologies and Cosmic Comprehensions interest you?

Who will Attend ?

Massage Therapists [all styles], Yoga Enthusiasts, Dancers, Martial Artists, Medical Professionals, Personal Trainers, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, Athletes, Parents [best family health insurance imaginable], Chiropractors, Meditators, Numerologists, Sound, Color, and Aroma therapists, Nutritionists, Musicians and all enthusiasts interested in the healing Arts.

*You will Learn:
Futon and Table Applications!

  • Clear Body Fields with Skilled and Conscious Assists.
  • Anatomical Assessments and Therapeutic Assist Methods using Marma, Nadi, Kosha, Dosha Applications.
  • Tratak Meditation - Pineal Gland/ Third Eye/ Inner Jewel Drishti Energizing.
  • The Techniques and Indispensable Value of Internalizing Awareness and Empowered Breathing
  • Puja Potentiality and Presence.
  • Posturing, Transitions, Calibrations and Pauses.
  • Comfortable and Elegant Stretch Release Asanas
  • Precise Compression Penetrations with Rhythmic Compression Patternings. 
  • Several Procedures to Remove Body and Emotional Discomforts

"So many courses I have taken provide excellent techniques, principles and knowledge. My experience of Mukti's curriculum unified my whole person also. Thank you Sir" Flo Ba

"Aside from a lot of really exciting and much needed techniques and knowledge, I have left this course also with a distinct sense of home and soul and a bunch more new friends too!" Diane Paquette

  • Tested Theoretical Basics and Lessons including:
    The Seven Suggestions, Sets of Threes, The Distraction Method, Preparations Previous To Touch, Primordial Resonance, Mistakes, Every Moment/Every Movement is a Temple, Cost and Reward, Tapasya, Stimulation or Sedation Tonification, Listening for the Echo, Three living in this House, All Motioin Originates from the Belly, The Transition is Equally as Important as the Application, Trust, The Art of Rhythmic and Precise Penetrating Compressions. Compelling Why, Personal False-Personal Truth, The Tree of Three Thousand Leaves, The Quality of Life Inventory, Fifteen Other Ways, You Don't Always Have to Go and Get it, and many more significant and substantial Metaphysical Perspectives.

Josephine Mac Carthy

 Student, Ireland 2018 

This learning has changed my life & is really benefiting those I work with. I consider it a great great blessing. & when I practice it is not about me doing. I don't feel that. I feel seated in the place of my true self. A spaciousness, & allowing, a great peace. For that I am so grateful. I really need to cultivate that in the rest of my living however & it doesn't come so easy there. BUT I have been practising loads & want to refine what I have as well as learning even more.

Adam Schumaker

Co-Founder, Co-Director of Gray Bear Lodge Retreat Center.

"There is an elegance in his teaching; a kindness deeply rooted in the honor of this sacred healing art-form. He encourages both holding true to the ancient tradition and exploring creativity. For well over a decade, Mukti has shared these teachings at Gray Bear. I’ve been a part of, and witnessed, this journey first hand. The laughter, the tears, the professionalism, the integrity, the refined skill-sets learned by all attending and especially the life-affirming transformations which occur in his students; these are the true witnesses singing the praises of his gift for teaching. He shares from his heart. You will be pleased."

Veronima Liladevi Savenok

Student, Ireland 2018

Following the rule “you can talk about your own experience only”, I’d like to share my impressions. A week before the workshop, November 29th, the beginning of working out the details and of restructuring – the inner devils of some people and drunky monkeys of the others apprehend the “purge” and start their crazy “dance”.

As for me, these things were expressed by strange humor, sarcasm, irony, nervous laughing and blurred mind. The acceptance and the tracking of these feelings, the acceptance of this condition and loving and understanding people as well saved me from making the mess of things.
We were learning the art, the confidence, we were practicing and reinforcing our connection – because the art of ViTaY that united us – made the Family of all us.

These meetings, this atmosphere make us live the feeling from Bible - “We are all sisters and brothers”.

During this time, we don’t work with our bodies and our movements only – Souls touch each other through Bodies, Ego disappears, fullness and purification happen.

ViTaY for me is the art of Life, the interaction and the awareness of being, it’s learning and accepting, pure love and happiness.

I'm grateful to every Person for his or her concern and un_concern for my path here.

I'm grateful for the possibility to practice this silent art, for the intuitive contact and for the support, Swami!

"Open the most vulnerable part of yourself because this trusting experience makes you stronger..".

Tony Tomburello


I first met Mukti early April of 2016, I wasn't really sure what I was signing up for, I had a few friends recommend his training's to me, before this first training with him I had only done some Thai yoga bodywork workshops in the Miami area just for fun. I figured this was going to be similar to what I had already experienced. This training was on a level of it's own, Mukti has so much love and passion for what he does that I felt right at home immediately. He is one of the most humble authentic people I have ever met. His knowledge with the human body and the way he explains the techniques make his training so interactive and fun, you can't help but to soak up what he is instilling in you. I never really thought a training can have such a powerful effect on me, but I can honestly say that Mukti has completely changed my life. The friendship we now share is pretty remarkable, as busy as his schedule is with traveling the world offering these training's, he always somehow finds the time to answer his calls, text and emails anytime you reach out to him. I even had personal struggles that I was dealing with, and he was there for me to offer advise and listen in my time of need. Who does this? I almost gave up hope that there was people like him even existing anymore. His ways of life are contagious, he has truly rubbed off on me and I find myself helping people more and more everyday, and when I sit back and think to myself how and why I'm doing it, it always comes back to something I heard him say or do in his training's that really inspire me to be a better person. If you have never tried one of his training's, I truly recommend attending one, even if you have absolutely no interest in bodywork or yoga, there is something incredible that you may walk away from after meeting him. Since meeting him, he made a trip all the way down to Homestead,Fla. where I recently opened a new yoga studio in a town everyone told me that a studio wouldn't work, I took a gamble anyways, told Mukti about my gamble and asked if he would be interested in offering his training in an area that would be no guarantee that people would attend since they have no clue what this training is. He came, a few people showed up to the training, no where near the amount he is used to seeing, but he taught the few that showed with just as much passion and love as if he was leading a crowed room. I thought for sure he would not return based on the numbers, but surprisingly enough, he is making a return mid May. If this doesn't tell you something incredible about his character,his love, and his passion, then I don't know what will.