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14 CECs [Manual issued and certificated awarded].Complimentary Two Disc Table DVD included. Vedic Style Bodywork Compliments all Modalities of Massage and Healing! Delray Beach,FL
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Delray Beach ,FL


* Ayurvedic Facials.

* Vedic Thai Hand and Foot Reflexology.

* Full Body Postural Assessments.

* Marma and Nadi Anatomy.

* Cranial, Neck, Torso, Back, Arms and Legs Compression and Stretch Release Methods.

* Horizontal and Vertical Pressure and Flow Techniques.

* Traditional and Empowering Theory.

What students say?

Josephine Mac Carthy

Student, Ireland 2018

"This learning has changed my life & is really benefiting those I work with. I consider it a great great blessing. & when I practice it is not about me doing. I don't feel that. I feel seated in the place of my true self. A spaciousness, & allowing, a great peace. For that I am so grateful. I really need to cultivate that in the rest of my living however & it doesn't come so easy there. BUT I have been practising loads & want to refine what I have as well as learning even more."

 Laura Allen

 National Representative and Key Note Speaker for World Massage Festival Hall of Fame.

"Sunday was not only the high point of the Festival for me, I would have to say it was one of the high points of my entire massage career. I took a class in Thai on the Table from Mukti Michael Buck. It was the best hands-on class I have ever attended, and I have attended hundreds of hours of continuing education. Mukti is undoubtedly the most charismatic teacher on the planet. The bodywork was sensational. The whole class was in such a state of gratitude at the end of it, we were one big melting pot of thankfulness and grace. I would recommend it to anyone."

-Alyssa Berman


Mukti's course was not only enlightening and educational, it brought me to a new level of appreciation for the art of assisted asana and the power the hands (and feet) have over the body.

I was truly touched with the sincerity, silliness, and intelligence that Mukti holds and shares with each of his students. I felt a true connection with both Mukti himself as well as the others in my class after spending 24 hours learning, practicing, and discussing Thai Yoga Bodywork and the impact it can have over one's life. Thank you so much Mukti and I look forward to the next session!