150-Hour Certification Program for The VC Practitioners Certification Credential

The Vedic Conservatory 150-Hour Certification Credential and The VC instructor Certification Credential program attracts students with a wide variety of backgrounds. We see at this moment the Vedic Conservatory teachings becoming integrated into the best and the most established, powerful yoga centers, health resorts, massage schools, medical institutions, and psychiatric associations worldwide.

Our curriculum, both hands on practicum and theoretical, approaches the body/mind as a mandala, a sacred, geometric design. It views the presented person and spirit as a bio-electromagnetic  field known as shakti-prakriti. This energetic grid is also made up of energetic channels & spheres known as pranic sen lines and marmas. Students learn to apply flowing, penetrating and rhythmic compressions along with comfortable exotic stretch releases known as assisted asanas using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers. Disciplined breath control known as pranayama compliment non sectarian and non religious meditation to enhance a treatments overall effectiveness. The positive results of these applications include balanced and harmonious symbiotic communication which integrates the body’s vital systems including mechanical-musculoskeletal, electrical-neural and chemical-glandular.

Requirements for The 150 hour  VC Practitioner Certification Credential at a Glance

Complete 150 hours of training with a VC certified instructor, including attendance to least one (1) seven day-intensive

Document at least 50 sessions using official VC intake forms.

Submit Application, Documented Sessions, & Application Fee of $108 to the Vedic Conservatory

Return TYPED Practitioner Certification Assessment [email  stephanyfair@gmail.com for Assessment Document]