Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork on the Futon 19 hours

The equivalent of a full four day course, including the supine, prone, side-lying, and seated positions, acquire the inspiring methods and theories of The Vedic Two Hour Golden Sequence for your educational library.

*Elegant and Comfortable Stretch Release Applications to Open and Stimulate Channels

*Rhythmic and Precise Compression Penetrations to Access Vital Healing Centers

*Vedic Anatomy Marma, Chakra, Kosha, Dosha Balancing

*Choreographed Sequences to Relieve Local and General Stresses and Strains *Organic Ayurvedic Pscyho-Somatic Theories for Effective and Empowering Perspectives

ARE YOU A Massage Therapist, Dancer, Martial Artist, Yoga Enthusiast, Medical Professional, Trainer, Athlete, Herbalist, Acupuncturist or Anyone wanting to remove human suffering and inspire physical and emotional health?