Opening the Wind-Gate or Poor Pah Tu Lom

Opening the Wind-Gate or Poor Pah Tu Lom


Wind-Gates are Sensational Healing Mandalas of Awesome Potency

One of the most important and quintessential applications in Traditional Thai Bodywork is known as ‘Opening a Wind-Gate’.

Positively affecting both body and mind, there are many Wind-Gates or Loms which serve as therapeutic power stations and refueling posts.

Supra dynamic and profoundly influential as an oasis of rejuvenating energy, Marmani or Loms also serve as access stations which when skillfully opened by a conscientious practitioner will release a surge of supportive vitality.

This surge or flood of power may be metaphorically imaged as a slumbering dragon being awakened or metaphorically imaged as a Phoenix arising as a radiant sun.

The Undeniable Responsibility

Wherever we apply our consciousness, especially into a sustained compression or release, we are in fact Opening a Wind-Gate.

Whether we are accustomed to using our palms or whether we are applying our fingers, heels or knees, these psycho-somatic areas of therapeutic focus, or Marmani, are referred to as ‘Wind-Gates’.

 The Purpose

Acute communication with the blood’s messages of need and vitality, similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s pulse diagnostics at the wrists, is one of the primary and essential intentions that accompany the method known as Opening a Wind-Gate.

 Sublime Medicine

Significant also are the released energetics of an opened Wind-Gate. Both alchemical and neural or electrical, an accessed and cleared Wind-Gate provides a therapeutic balancing or adjusting of the internal elemental interactions of earth, water, fire, air and metal or the proverbial ‘Dust’ referred to in the Bible.

 What is ‘Wind’ ?

Positively healing and therapeutic, the released akashic ‘Wind’ can also be interpreted as synonymous with Spirit being released, Life being released, Pran, Shakti, Chi being released or Consciousness and Soul being released.

This is a vital therapeutic requirement to insure that 'primordial’ or original bio-resonance is achieved in the targeted bodily location.


The therapeutic interaction being exchanged between the practitioner and the client’s neural receptors and proprioceptors of the Marmic region must accommodate only a precision and concentrated compression penetration bolstered with a focused and sustained duration.


The Opening a Wind-Gate is a fortunate opportunity for both the recipient’s consciousness and the practitioner’s consciousness to experience the medicinal benefits of a forgotten yet sublime healing affirmation and the meditative confirmation of an undeniable personal security.


The physical benefits of Opening a Wind-Gate include a strengthened cardio-pulmonary system including an energetic flushing of the subtle meridian systems. The emerging radiances of an opened Wind-Gate will also positively effect the entire bodily ‘field’ including such remote areas as the ears and extremities while also energizing the skin’s surface with increased oxygenation and nutrification of blood and minerals.

The Lokitaksha Marma

One Marma in particular illustrated below, the Lokitaksha Marmani, is located immediately distal to the groin creases and slightly medial upon the upper leg.

Lohita in Sanskrit means blood and Aksha means vision.

Lokitaksha Marma can be interpreted as ‘Vision of the Blood’ and can be clinically applied as a monitoring and correcting of cardio pulmonary concerns.

The use of cushioning, such as towels, upon the inguinal areas is recommended to positively enhance the beneficial effects.

Like the Sun rising in the sky, the opening of a Wind-Gate is an experience of true life being infused into the other koshas or ethereal sheaths encapsulating our bodies.

Several precautionary details accompany the opening of a wind gate.

Previous to initiating any intended therapy, comfortably padding the targeted areas will usher confidence into the intended results.

Enjoy and Smaranam - Remember to Remember your Worship-able Deity


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