Consciousness- The Healing Dragon - Opening a Wind-Gate

Consciousness- The Healing Dragon - Opening a Wind-Gate

I compose this brief writ to establish common ground to share with all of my esteemed healing colleagues from all styles of bodywork.

There are several varieties of Bodywork including Trager, Rolfing, Alexander, Lomilomi, Swedish, Sports, Aroma Therapy, Shiatsu, Anma, Tuina, Cranial-sacral, Myofascial Release, Ayurvedic and Thai to name but a few.

From an Eastern bodywork viewpoint, whenever the there is an imprint pressure applied combined with a rescinding release, whether from a stroke, a percussion, a kneading, a lifting, a shaking, a twisting, a cross-fiber friction, a rhythmic compression or a comfortable stretch-release application, categorically, the effect is known as Opening a Wind-gate.


Poot Pah Tu Lom - The Opening of a Wind-Gate?

The perception of the energy referred to as ‘Wind’ is synonymous with the perception of the energy referred to as Consciousness. 

I have come to realize that whether I am applying the use of the palms, fingertips, knees, elbows or heels, wherever upon the body a pressure is imprinted, along with the release being included, the entire cycle of imprintation and release, describes ‘The opening of a Wind-gate.’ 

No matter how significant or modest the pressure upon the body implies, each imprintation and release is an ‘opening of the wind or consciousness gate’.

The various compositions animating the body, the four elements of Thai, the five elements of TCM or the eight elements of Ayurveda, all require a fuel or an influential nurturing force in order to ‘live’.

The wind-gate/consciousness-gate opening is the access to a profound quantum potential or a consciousness influence.

This access or transformational healing influence is accomplished with each and every cycle of imprintation and release.

In other words, though there can be discussion of the categorical difference between wind and consciousness, ultimately these two energies, literally wind and consciousness, not only are synonyms in the healing vernacular, they also serve the same function. That function is to influence and nurture.

Ayurvedic and Five Elements Kinetic Dragon known as Consciousness

Fundamentally, in order to achieve the natural balance and vitality objective within a treatment’s therapeutic intention, the elements require a catalystic inducement.

For example, when I examine a person who is indicating earth deficiency where access of the water element is necessary, the complexity of the method and the comprehension of the diagnostic details all ultimately point for me to a convenient and easy sankalpa or resolve. This resolve would inevitably be the awakening of the kinetic dragon of consciousness component known as Opening a Wind-gate.

In terms of being the catalyst, for myself as a touch healer, the ultimate access and privileged acquirement, essentially igniting the quantum movement towards the sublime field, poot pah tu lom is the admittance or entry that potentiates this dynamic formula. I feel within Poot Pah Tu Lom’s alchemy lives  the ultimate therapeutic positive influence, direction and best intention.  

Acute Communication

With the 'Opening a Wind-gate / Life-gate/Consciousness-gate procedure, for me as a therapist and teacher, the primary intention that essentially must accompany this mysterious method, is acute communication. That is an acute communication exchange, not just with the recipient, but also an acute communication exchange with the sovereign entity represented by the anatomical locale or psycho-somatic region. 

For example, located just distal and slightly medial to the groin creases are the Lokitaksha marmani reservoirs of valuable and mysterious healing power.

All marmani, or psycho-somatic centers, promise profound potential and opportunity

I would share that upon the imprintation and the release, precise penetration, determinate duration and delicate modulation, describe the interactive therapeutic exchange upon between the receiver’s neural proprioceptors and the therapist.

 Intuitive prejudice of the therapeutic outcome

Let’s celebrate our remedial accomplishments!

The result of an Opened Wind-gate is an opportunity for our consciousness and soul to experience the emotional security and encouragement of a more remote dimension or layer of our being. 

Other Benefits of Poot Pah Tu Lom’s Opening a Consciousness-Gate include:

*Enhanced circulation 

*Improved functioning for the cardio, pulmonary and lymphatic systems. 

*Enhanced posture and Gait

*More effective delivery of nutrients including minerals, blood and oxygen

*Tranquilizing of the emotions

*Organic flushing and replacing of interstitial fluids

*Change of outdated cellular memories

and many more…

Precautionary details accompany this procedure including the use of towel or padded cushioning upon various Marmic regions.

It is my great pleasure to share my insights with my esteemed colleagues.

Sincere gratitude for sharing this post.

Success and health to all, mukti

Smaranam - Remember to Remember your Deity

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