Digital Book Vedic Thai Bodywork Supine&Seated Positions

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Digital Book

Educational Supine&Seated Positions Book

* more than 150 illustrations+ individual description

* 30 essays

 * supine positions

* seated positions 

The purpose of the theoretical and technical procedures illustrated within the pages of this  Book is for procuring both physical and emotionally inspired health and ultimate energetic vitality.

Despite the obvious communal, social, cultural, spiritual and scientific benefits of Ayurvedic healing procedures as well as the astonishing personal and emotional advantages, the Vedic ThaiYoga Bodywork methods and practices exhibited herein are yet only a partial healing ingredient of a more comprehensive and cosmic formula which includes other respected and sacred remedial modalities such as Breathing, Meditation, Vastu, Color, Sound and Aroma Therapies, Five Element Application, Bone Setting, Meridian Diagnosis, Humor, and Blood Analysis, Nutrition, Exercise, Marma Point and Chakra  Examination, Psychiatry, Surgery, Rhythm, and Trance Dance, Iridology and Tongue Inspection, Cardiology, Pharmacology and Herbology, Hypnosis, Astrology, Tarot and Talisman Readings, Reiki, Reflexology, Zone Therapy, Gemology, Prayer and Mantra to name but a few.


All healing modalities, from the present-day high technology to the emerging popular folk remedies of our remote ancestries, are individual yet integral forces meant to complement and enhance the potentialities of the contemporary medical family.

No one medicine is an island unto itself.

Author Mukti Michael Buck