Digital Book Vedic Thai Bodywork Prone & Side Lying Positions

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* more than 150 illustrations+ individual description

* 30 essays with

* marma therapy - body charts  

* prone positions

* side-lying positions 

The Ayurvedic Healing Methods and Principles illustrated within the pages of this book are potent applications that require both practical logistics and personalized intuition to secure the best optimum and remedial results.

The purpose of exhibiting this manual's natural images is to provide education and inspiration for aspirants of the enlightenment and healing communities. The intention of this book guide is to display techniques for improving both physical and emotional health. 

Yet, evidently obvious and also to the awesome responsibility of all healing professionals, the contemporary health approach today, with it's astounding progress and improvements, evolved to include the therapeutic integration of both cerebral and somatic techniques. 

By definition, this means that mind and body sensitivities have now both become the required and awesome responsibilities for both the body-working artists and for the psychology professionals as well.

Author Mukti Michael Buck