3 Day Workshop

21 Cecs

Futon Techniques

The 3 Day Instructional Presentation provides the participant with valuable education including:
*Elegant therapeutic sequences, both brief and extended, for addressing natural bodily and emotional imbalances and discomforts.

Who Should Take These Courses?

Vedic Conservatory courses are open to all. No experience in massage or yoga is needed. All that is needed is enthusiasm and a loving and caring spirit. The courses are offered to all including casual and professional interests.
If you are a licensed massage therapist, trained healer, yoga teacher, fitness professional, dancer, martial arts teacher, medical professional or are just interested in learning how to transform yourself and others into inspired health and emotional empowerment, these courses will deepen your experience, understanding and knowledge of meridians, marmani and chakra energy pathways. Breath, meditation, acupressure and much more are offered as supplemental aspects of these courses also. In these courses you will receive the most complete training in the world in the art and science of Vedic Massage
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How to combine Vedic Bodywork with Lubricant Style?