Assisted Asanas
Vedic Thai Bodywork

Palm Coast,FL

Prone and Side Lying Positions

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About the Workshop

Vedic Bodywork is viewed as a martial art of healing and is reported to manifest instant positive results. Vedic Bodywork is the cultural result of several ethnic forces including Tibet, Thailand and India. 

Vedic Bodywork receives the individual as a mandala, a sacred geometric design. 

Composed of energetic channels, wheels, spheres and radiating fields, the Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork or VTYB Practitioner views the presented being as a bio-electro-magnetic field of shakti-prakriti light and Nadi Channels, Chakra wheels, Marmani spheres, Koshas fields and Doshas vitalities.

To fulfill the promise of inspiring the soul and tranquilizing the body, a session may encompasses a duration of one to three hours. Yet brief and localized sessions are also customary.

You will Learn:

This course teaches more than 150 techniques of Vedic Bodywork Thai Massage.

You’ll watch demonstrations and take notes in your manual, then practice giving and receiving with various partners in the class.

  • Ayurvedic anatomical terminologies and familiarity with identifying marmani, chakra and nadi channel bodily locations.


  • Simple breathing and meditation methods for personal and session enhancements.
  • Elegant therapeutic sequences, both brief and extended, for addressing natural bodily and emotional imbalances and discomforts.


  • Sharing anecdotal experiences about one's personal healing path.
  • Essay readings and practicum partnering exchanges.


  • Additional marmani, chakra and nadi application methods.

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