4 DAY Course in Dublin,Ireland


Learn: Dozens of elegant and effective, tranquilizing and transforming methods to address physical discomforts and emotional imbalances for your clients, family and friends.

Learn: Many Techniques to access Marma Power, Stimulate Chakra Energies, Open and Clear Nadi Currents, Balance Dosha and Experience Kosha Expansion.

Vedic Bodywork aka Thai Yoga Massage aka Assisted Asanas aka Couples Yoga aka Yoga Massage aka Ayurvedic-Asian Physiotherapy compliments all styles of healing and bodywork.


This course will include both Table lessons and Floor futon lessons. Ayurvedic-Asian Facials, Hands and feet reflexology, comfortable stretch release applications accompanying rhythmic and precise compression penetrations. Bring a friend. A workbook manual is issued and a certificate of completion is nawarded.