🌳 Applying Marma Point and Meridian clearing methods

🌳 Rejuvenating vital centers and valuable Meridian Channels

🌳 Inducing profound rest and relaxation

🌳 Administering effective and elegant therapeutic assists for dynamic health

For over two decades, Mukti’s international presentations have initiated over fifty thousand students in fourteen countries.

Authoring nine different manuals which illustrate fascinating techniques and inspiring earth-based theories, Mukti will enhance and electrify your present methodologies and contributions in Bodywork and healing.

Vedic Table Bodywork procedures are now being used by thousands of contemporary practitioners.

You will learn stylistic methods to easily remove physical and emotional discomforts while also increasing vital circulations and improving postures.

Mukti’s class is a polished and uplifting experience not to be missed by any devoted bodywork practitioner and healer.”