This course teaches more than 150 techniques of Vedic Bodywork Thai Massage-on-the-Table

You’ll watch demonstrations and take notes in your manual, then practice giving and receiving with various partners in the class.

Upon completion of this course You will learn:


✅ More than 150 invigorating Vedic Thai Table techniques


✅45 min sequence of light and deep stretch releases for legs

✅ 25 min sequence of comfortable spinal alignments and positive posturing

✅ 25 min sequence for torso and immune strengthening including breathing and lung improvement

✅ 20m min sequence for shoulders including enhancing circulation and Range of Motion

✅ 55 min sequence for neck flexibility including cranial applications for removing headaches

✅ 25 min sequence for sitting positions including thoracic methods for stimulating glandular functions

✅ Aesthetics and Hygiene considerations for professional representation


Delray Beach, FL