Vedic Massage in Ireland
Thai Table Techniques
10-12 Nov 2020

Vedic Thai Bodywork and Mukti return to Ireland
Join with your contemporaries in this Amazing Healing Art

You will learn:

  • Dozens of elegant and effective, tranquilizing and transforming methods to address physical discomforts and emotional imbalances for your clients, family and friends.


  • You will learn: many techniques to access marma power, stimulate chakra energies, open and clear nadi currents, balance dosha and experience kosha expansion. Vedic Bodywork aka Thai Yoga Massage aka Assisted Asanas aka Couples Yoga aka Yoga Massage aka Ayurvedic-Asian Physiotherapy compliments all styles of healing and bodywork.

  • This course includes Table lessons. Ayurvedic-Asian Facials, Hands and feet reflexology, comfortable stretch release applications accompanying rhythmic and precise compression penetrations.


  • Learn dozens of applications for improving health and empowering emotions. Learn to easily remove mental torpidity and physical inertia. Using traditional procedures designed to access valuable marma/chakra bio vortices and meridian channels of careening energetics, Vedic Massage Thai Table has fulfilled on the promise of inspiring the soul and empowering the physical.

10-12 Nov 2020

Golden Egg Holistic is hosting a 3 day Vedic Massage course . Golden Egg Holistic is a peaceful healing space and training centre close to Portlaoise, Co.Laois, Ireland. Built on a hilltop, Golden Egg Holistic has beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Enhance your massage method's arsenal

Relish inspiring meditations for personal stability and emotional empowerment

Assess postural alignments using customary ayurvedic marmani, chakra and nadi assisted techniques

Somatic and Cerebral Benefits for your clients




3 day course 450 euro

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Enjoy many additional Benefits

Neck/Shoulder techniques

*Eliminates soreness and pain.

* Improves cardio and pulmonary circulation.

* Enhances range-of-motion [ROM] and mobility.

* Transforms cellular memories.

* Removes muscular adhesions.

* Cleanses old interstitial fluids.

Prone Positions
Leg's Techniques

* Tranquilizes the nervous system.

* Refreshes the skin assemblies.

* Tonifies and strengthens overall physical countenance.

* Rejuvenates Doshas and Koshas.

* Supports spinal construct.

Somatic [Physical] Benefits of Thai Massage

Side-Lying and Seated positions

* Encourages positive postural alignments.

* Stimulates and balances glandular configuration.

* Activates inert marma centers.

* Opens nadi blockages.

* Purifies chakra functions.

* Oxygenates the blood.