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*Supine, Prone, Side-Lying, and Seated Positions

*Elegant and Comfortable Stretch Release Applications to Open and Stimulate Channels

*Rhythmic and Precise Compression Penetrations to Access Vital Healing Centers

*Vedic Anatomy - Marma, Chakra, Kosha, Dosha Balancing

*Choreographed Sequences to Relieve Local and General Stresses and Strains

*Organic Ayurvedic Pscyho-Somatic Theories for Effective and Empowering Perspectives 

"Mukti, thank you for your dedication to our massage crafts. It’s refreshing to be able to offer treatments without lubricants sometimes. Your methods are easy to follow and so comprehensive. You are obviously in love with helping others and with the massage."

T.l. The 16 Hour Vedic Massage Thai Table Webinar Course provides both professional and lay interests with several methods of therapeutic manipulation including techniques accomodating supine, prone, side-lying, and seated postures.

Mukti's theoretical discourses and commentaries are interspersed throughout the various bodily procedures and invest organic and valuable knowledge into the detailed demonstrations and applications.