There's Three Living in the Body's House

There's Three Living in the Body's House

All glories to the noble body working artist dedicated to perfecting 'hands on' therapies for the purpose of health and divine realization. For the benefits of my esteemed yoga, massage, shaman and healing colleagues, I want to share my experience, albeit mostly anecdotally with only modest academic referencing, of a Vedic Bodywork therapeutic exchange and of the routine and familiar encounter with three prominent instincts inherently found living within a client.

When I place my hands on someone during a session of Vedic Bodywork with the intention of achieving a positive and progressive, advanced reformed condition, I recognize and become familiar with encountering and confronting three of the receiver's fundamental and preeminent responses.

These three encounters are with

1. the Receiver's soul,

2. with the Receiver's ego and also an encounter with.

3. the Receiver's nervous system or more specifically a department of the peripheral nervous system's  parasympathetic structure known as the autonomic communication.

The Autonomic communication, one of essentially involuntary or instinctive and uncontrolled reactions, consists of the receiver's biological responses such as survival's fight/flight and orrest/repose.

Awesomely and essentially as therapists, we are entering a room with the responsibilities andobligations of an ambassador of affirmative change. Yet seated before us, in a delicate and precariously balanced posture, is an elite personality embodying three organic dignitaries of considerable distinctionand influence.


Again, these three dignitaries are the receiver's soul, the receiver's ego and the receiver's autonomicnervous system's responses. Dwelling within the receiver's overall biological composition, these three characters are each individually vying for the most desirable condition yet each of these characters are also requiring separate sensitivities and techniques from the therapist in order to achieve the most confident anddecisive therapeutic renewal and restoration.

For example, the therapeutic intent required to address the needs of the receiver's soul are differentfrom the needs required to address the receiver's ego or to address the DNA, so to speak, of thereceiver's autonomic nervous system. Despite the needs of each of these three indwelling elemental energies, the receiver's soul, the receiver'sego and the receiver's nervous system's reactions, emerging simultaneously onto the therapist's 'radar', atherapist must instantly embody an ultimate and effective beneficial expression of the most influentialand necessary therapeutic method in order to intervene the best possible effect for the receiver.

Again, all glories to the noble transformational practitioner and all respect to the revered humble spiritrequired in order to successfully achieve substantive and victorious, artistic and remedial talent overthese three subtle yet complex and intricate powers of the soul, the ego and the body's auto bio-mechanisms.

Thank you for your considerations regarding this vital alchemy and synergy between a therapist andrecipient during a treatment of Vedic Bodywork.





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