Sets of Three

Sets of Three

‘Sets of Three’ refer to therapeutic application techniques. ‘Sets of Three’ can be successfully used to enhance the quality of Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and other physical manipulative therapies.

‘Sets of Three’ describe the treatment ‘sequencing’ wherein a practitioner chooses a series of techniques, and then offers a full expression of this ‘sequencing’, repeated three times.

In essence and value, the ‘Sets of Three’ therapeutic sequencing accesses effectiveness through rhythm, repetition and patterning enhancements.

The offering of ‘Sets of Three’ is comparable to the comforting effects of listening to the repeated chorus of a song, or to the charm experienced by being familiar with a repetitive dance routine. The ‘Sets of Three’ sequencing applications contribute a valuable quality to therapeutic protocols.

The ‘Sets of Three’ sequencing procedures establish a suggestive rhythm, a consistency and a fluid pattern for the purpose of inducing a soothing, anesthetic calm and thus deepening the positive therapeutic intention of the treatment.

Sets of Three’ Variations:  




Treatment wise, The ‘Sets of Three’ sequencing is enhanced when the practitioner also conscientiously implements the following variation, known as: ‘Open-Enter-Close’.

Within a treatment, the Open-Enter-Close therapeutic signature is an asian-flavored inclusion of respectable value. The Open-Enter-Close Variation is progression of three application. With a gently intensity, the practitioner’s initial application ‘Opens’ the energy. Consequently, the second application firmly ‘Enters’ with a ‘twice as long- twice as strong’ intensity. The third, or concluding, application would then gently ‘Close’ the energy again.

 Another Variation of ‘Sets of Three’:


Our soul’s constitution obviously includes an inherent sensitivity and natural appreciation for rhythm, patterns and sequential repetitions. This obvious and inherent sensitivity and appreciation is expressed, for example, when we compliment how a person accessorizes their image symmetrically, or when we remark on the beauty and symmetry of an interior design. This obvious, inherent sensitivity and appreciation for rhythm, patterning and repetitions is again expressed when we tap our foot in sync to a musical rhythm.

Rhythm, patterning and repetitions are indispensable and recommended components for all physical therapy treatments including Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, Acupressure, Chiropractic and other physical therapies.

As a contemporary yet classical interpretation, ‘Open-Enter-Close’/ ‘Sets of Three’ awareness during a session would also indicate a therapist’s refined and elevated style and devotional care.

Honor the soul’s natural proclivity for being sensitive to patterns, rhythms and sequential repetitions by conscientiously including this awareness into your treatment.

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