Lift, Lean and Twist -Thai Sitting Assist

Lift, Lean and Twist -Thai Sitting Assist

Lift, lean and twist!

We have hundreds of thousands of hip replacement surgeries occurring each year.

The acetabulum or hip socket will congest with destructive metabolic crystals if not flushed with fresh synovial fluids, oxygenated blood and cleansing lymph fluids.

The stagnancies will also incur additional negative and undesirable effects such as grinding bone and dissolving bursa cushioning.

The therapeutic Assist imaged above embodies several benefits including positively energizing healing currents of circulation as well as ‘pumping and plunging’ nutritive influences into the area.

This procedure significantly helps improve posture as well as removes gnawing and disruptive discomfort from the Sacroiliac articulations and lower back.


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