How do we proceed in a session with absolute certainty?

How do we proceed in a session with absolute certainty?

Attendee: Mukti, how do we proceed in a session with absolute certainty?

Mukti: Honestly I’m unable to claim that I have ever achieved absolute certainty while exchanging techniques with a recipient. I wish there was absolute certainty to bless every session. In reality, better to proceed with conscientious caution and love. Treating a person and applying methods with an air of absolute certainty feels like foolishness.

The classes that I and the officially certified VC Teachers present are virtually saturated with lessons, metaphors, and experiences for insuring safety and confidence.

The VC learning experience profusely bathes the student with Terra Firma (grounded)theories and careful technical deliberation.

For example, I.I.D (Introduce, Investigate, Discover)
Listening for the Echo, Calibrate Previous to Initiating Therapy, Internalize Awareness to Transcend Ego, Every Moment Every Movement is a Temple.
And many more. See below.

The Vedic Conservatory’s Curriculum Concessions for Securing Treatment Safety and Practitioner/Recipient Exchange of Trust and Confidence.

All the healing arts, from surgery to psychiatry, from yoga to acupuncture, from pharmacology to homeopathy, from massage to chiropractic, need procedural mechanisms and theoretical protocols implemented to provide maximum certainty for treatment safety and for inducing practitioner-client confidence and trust.

The Vedic Conservatory’s education includes several essential advantages to fulfill these safety and assurance obligations.

Though not limited to, as there are many additional essays available on the website,
here are a few references, authored by Mukti, which communicate insights relating to session safety, method confidence, and assurance.


*Intuition Sensitivities

*Application Methods

*Theoretical Scrutiny

*Experiential Judgments

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