Yoga is the science of the soul remembering its bond with Divinity. Despite the many varieties of Yoga systems such as nada, kriya, hatha, dhyana, bhakti, the purpose of Yoga is essentially to direct our awareness to realize our eternality, perfection, and natural substance as light and love.  We are informed in the sacred text, The Bhagavad Gita, that the embodied soul, known as jiv-atma, has a luminescent capability!  

Perceiving the body and its life force as a a thought, a Vedic Bodywork representative ultimately proceeds best when portraying the role of an instrument of the divine.  

Adopting the Vedic culture’s Varnashramdharma yogic social system, The Vedic Conservatory and its participants offer the contribution of Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork as a community gift for all to benefit.  As a piece of copper becomes transformed when it is touched by electricity, so does an individual’s consciousness become spiritualized upon receiving traditional Nuad Borarn, also known as Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork.  Divinity is inherent in this medicine and we recognize and hold reverent its potential.

The Vedic Conservatory’s education addresses the individual as a spirit-soul that is giving life to the body.  Through the noble medical art of traditional Vedic Thai Bodywork, our intentions are to balance one’s vital emotional and physical energies and to actualize manifestation of an inspired, refreshed, and compassion-filled, radiant living entity.  

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